Why you should be planning for your business to thrive not just survive the Coronavirus pandemic

Desperate not Destitute

As Winston Churchill once said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste” and there is no better time than in lockdown to review and innovate your business. It takes a bit of ingenuity and creativity to reinvent the service you offer to clients, addressing their worries and communicating the steps that you are implementing to minimise their risk, while using your service, as we head to a post pandemic world.

The transport, travel, tourism, and hospitality sector has been hit harder than most from the global sanctions and international travel ban. Many staff have been furloughed and most of the eighty-three percent of the UK’s self-employed chauffeurs laid off, due to reduced demand. Three months on we are desperate to re-open fully & questions now arise to the level of which the industry will return.

Prior to Covid-19 hitting our shores, the annual revenue generated from the taxi and private hire market was estimated, by the Office for National Statistics, to be close to four billion pounds.

Winners & Losers

Whilst we must not forget the real tragedy of this pandemic is the loss of life, business will return to a new normal and those companies who survive must be prepared. It is predicted that many sole traders and taxi operators will leave the market. With a larger demand and fewer operators, this presents a historical opportunity to attract new customers and become the trusted provider of choice for those clients left without a supplier.

By introducing new working methods, adapting current services, and exploring new technologies it is incumbent on all operators to ensure a professional and flexible approach to enticing new business.

Consumer Confidence

How quick the recovery is, is very much dependent on consumer confidence and as restrictions are gradually lifted it is essential that providers do everything to reassure customers regarding passenger safety.

With the impending recession it is essential that companies retain competitive pricing and pass on savings to their customers where possible.

Emphasising that a private car is safer for travellers than public transport is going to be key to enabling some return to normal services. Our success very much depends on UK Government quarantine measures being lifted and the safety of international airline travel. According to a recent survey by IATA, sixty percent of travellers interviewed said they would fly again within two months of containment of the disease.

Driven by Determination

Having made many sacrifices to continue the service and supply arrangement to our customers, during the pandemic, we are committed and focused on our path out of the restrictions. The opportunities are boundless, and we are actively seeking to increase our appeal to a wider base whilst implementing strict PPE, social-distancing, and passenger safety measures.

Maintaining a positive approach and having the determination to succeed is a vital part of chartering your business through adversity. Having goals, measuring success, drive and desire all form our strategy for continual growth and allowing us to thrive.

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