Why choosing a chauffeured car service is the safest option as we exit lockdown?

Finally, there is a light at the end of the tunnel & the forthcoming easing of Government coronavirus COVID-19 regulations provides hope for the passenger transport industry, which has been decimated by the imposed lock-down & subsequent travel restrictions. 

As many staff return to the workplace and international businesses slowly get back to normal, concerns regarding future travel plans remain at the forefront of peoples minds.

Whether it be arranging meetings, sales conferences, visiting customers or booking that vacation to end the boredom of a prolonged spell indoors, the challenges of global safety measures, social distancing and PPE are all questions that need to be answered. We look at the benefits of hiring a chauffeured car service for your essential travel requirements. 

Airport Transfers Oxford to London

We are a leading chauffeur company, and are taking unprecedented steps in training all our chauffeurs to ensure that they follow strict hygiene procedures, ensuring the health & safety of our passengers and staff. Vale Prestige Chauffeurs are maintaining exceptional levels of corporate responsibility by following all UK Government recommendations for transport providers, to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and, as we enact our plan for survival, are desperately attempting to ensure our business continues providing our customers with an essential service.

1.    Safety First  –  PPE Provided

Passenger safety is the primary focus of our business, providing quality assurance to our customers, promoting a safe environment and protecting the well-being of both travellers and drivers. We have implemented strict chauffeur & vehicle hygiene procedures, with an emphasis on hand washing & vehicle interior sanitisation.

Prior to each new passenger entering the vehicle, our drivers will use Dettol anti-bacterial wipes and sprays to sterilise seats, interior & exterior door handles, seat belts & clips, door cards and any other surface customers may have come in to contact with.

Our usual practice of shaking hands when we meet and greet passengers has been suspended during this time & all travellers will be provided with NHS approved 3-ply surgical grade masks and 80% alcohol based hand sanitiser to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, while our chauffeurs will wear KN95 PPP2 masks & vinyl or latex gloves during every journey.

Vale Prestige Chauffeurs are taking every precaution to protect your health & safety during this pandemic, and although a car is an enclosed space, chauffeur-driven travel remains safer than public transport.

2.    Always Available  –  24 hour service

We remain a genuine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation.

With our offices manned for your every need, you can rely on our expert team to provide you with answers to any enquiry. Whether it be by e-mail, telephone or using our online booking platform, you can trust us to handle your bookings during this unparalleled period.

Call our Faringdon, Oxford or Swindon offices today & our check out our contact page for more details;  Vale Prestige Chauffeurs – Contact Us

3.    Reducing Risk  –  Removing Stress

Contemplating travel? Drive yourself, public transport or hire a chauffeur?

Just thinking about travel can be stressful enough, without having to consider parking, traffic, route selection, bus or train or the safest option. Remove the risk of exposure to people on crowded public transport, relieve the anxiety of driving yourself & finding somewhere to park nearby, by sitting back in the comfort of one of our luxury vehicles. Allow our qualified, professional chauffeur to transport you & your luggage effortlessly to and from your destination in a safe and efficient manner.

Check out our Trustpilot reviews & testimonials to see what our customers say about us;   Vale Prestige Chauffeurs – Trustpilot

4.    Exclusively Yours  –  Socially Distant

When booking with Vale Prestige Chauffeurs the space inside the vehicle is exclusively for your use. Whether you choose to open up your laptop and take advantage of the free wi-fi available in our executive fleet or sit back & relax in the air-conditioned comfort of one of our luxury Jaguar XJ the choice is up to you.

Providing a unique personal service allows us to observe social-distancing protocol, and by utilising our MPV’s, significantly reduces any risk of infection.

5.    Complete Control  –  Determine your Destination

Remain in control. Just advise us of the necessary booking details; like the time & date of your travel, the exact destination, arrival airport & flight details and we will do the rest.

Notify your chauffeur of any changes or a preferred route, whether you have a deadline to meet & whatever best suits you.

We are here to listen, help you and make your ride with us as easy as possible.

6.    Arrival on Time  –  Every Time

One of the main objectives of a Vale Prestige Chauffeur is to get you to your destination on time. If you need to arrive at a meeting or want to catch an important flight, you can always trust our drivers to arrive punctually & get you there promptly. Our office will track your progress using exclusive software, while your chauffeur will monitor real-time traffic and select a route that is the quickest, so that you meet your deadline.

With one of our professional team, you won’t have to fret about missing a flight or arriving late at an important event.

7.    Affordable Luxury  –  Saving Money

You may not have considered a chauffeured car service like Vale Prestige Chauffeurs. However, with a door to door service costing less than a weeks parking at Heathrow, added to the fuel bill and aggravation of either driving yourself or multiple public transport changes we remain an affordable solution to your travel problems.

Experience a relaxing, stress-free and safe journey with us by Contacting Us for more details.

You will not be disappointed – Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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