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Our Oxfordshire Chauffeurs Top 10 Driving Tips

If you’ve ever been driven by a (good) chauffeur, you will have noticed that they seem to be on some other level of driving to the normal, everyday human. They don’t fluster in traffic, never have outbursts of road-rage and their driving is impeccable. So how do they stay so calm and how is their driving so flawless? Well, we’ve put together our top 10 chauffeur driving tips so that you can learn their secrets, whether you just want to up your driving game or are looking to become a top Vale Prestige chauffeur – take a look and learn all.

1)Always Know Your Route
Before you head out on a journey, an Oxfordshire chauffeur always knows the exact route they will take. Never rely on a Sat Nav or road signs to get you where you need to be – we’ve all heard the disaster stories there! Knowing the route will prevent stress and also get you to your destination far quicker.

2) Plan Some More
If you want to drive like a true Oxfordshire chauffeur, you should always have a back-up route ready in case anything goes wrong. Be it slow traffic, closed roads or a giant sink hole has suddenly opened up ahead, having a second route will stop any of these things from getting in the way of you and your destination.

3) See the Future
Okay, our Oxfordshire chauffeurs may not actually be able to see the future, but they do a pretty good job of anticipating what other drivers will do before they do it. Being aware of the cars around you and spotting when they’re going to switch lanes, over take or turn off is key to smooth driving.

4) Smooth Steering
An attribute of our Vale Prestige Oxfordshire chauffeurs that is often noticed is how incredibly smooth the driving is – no jolting or heavy braking. Part of that is due to what we mentioned in the previous tip, but it’s also about being gentle with the cars movements. Don’t slam you foot down on either accelerate or brake, rather smoothly speed up or stop, and steer gently into turns.

5) Steady Focus
Being focused doesn’t mean no talking, but it does mean making sure that your number one priority is always the road in front of you. Our Oxfordshire chauffeurs will chat if you want to – it would just be awkward if they sat in stony silence whilst you tried to converse – but their attention will always be primarily directed on what they’re doing. Not for a second will they let their focus falter, for it only takes a second for everything to go wrong.

6) Respect and Composure
If you want to drive like a Vale Prestige chauffeur, never get angry at other drivers – road rage would not look very good to a client! Instead, respect the vehicles and drivers around you, and stay clam if someone is a little bit shaky on the road. Stress only occurs because you allow it to, so take control of your emotions and you’ll find your journeys much more pleasant.

7) Know your Car
It’s always vital to really know the car you’re driving. Know what it sounds like when everything’s working well, how reactive it is to your actions and how to drive it correctly. Not only does this make for smooth driving, but it helps you to spot when something’s wrong and avoid accidents or break downs.

8) Don’t Risk It
You should never do anything risky on the road – even if you’re running late or the driver ahead is awful. Don’t overtake on roads not meant for overtaking, and don’t speed up even if there’s no one around. It’s more important to arrive in one piece than on time.

9) Follows the Rules of the Road
Our Oxfordshire chauffeurs will never break the law when driving. No speeding, no jumping red-lights, no unlawful manoeuvres; the laws were made for a reason, so don’t break them.

10) The Final Tip
The main aim of our Oxfordshire chauffeurs is to get clients from one destination to the other safely, comfortably and on time. If you want to drive like a Vale Prestige Oxfordshire chauffeur then respect your passengers, keep your car clean and in excellent working order and never forget that your main priority is to drive from A to B in a safe manner. Put all these tips together, and you’ll be driving like one of us in no time!

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